Balneario de Cofrentes Medical Consultation

Balneario de Cofrentes Medical Consultation

Balneario de Cofrentes Medical Consultation

Balneario de Cofrentes Medical Consultation


A medical consultation in a spa is usually similar to a medical consultation in other settings. At Balneario de Cofrentes, we strive for it to respond to therapeutic objectives that we can address with our spa facilities and complementary techniques for pain and longevity.

Overview of Medical Consultation at Balneario de Cofrentes:

Generally, when patients check in at the hotel, they are assigned an appointment for their medical consultation in the spa. Then, the patient goes to the spa and on the first floor they will find a reception desk where they will be given information about their appointment and taken to the waiting room, where they can watch videos on longevity.

We are currently developing forms that will help the doctor better understand your condition and needs.

Initial Medical Consultation:

The doctor will begin by asking questions about your medical history, current symptoms, lifestyle habits, and any specific concerns related to your visit to the spa.

Physical Examination:

Depending on your condition and reason for the visit, the doctor may perform a physical examination. This may include measuring your blood pressure, examining your skin, listening to your heart and lungs, and performing other relevant evaluations.

Discussion and Recommendations:

After gathering information about your medical history and performing the physical examination, the doctor will decide what is best for you based on your condition and needs.

The doctor may make specific recommendations related to thermal treatments, as at Balneario de Cofrentes we have programs designed specifically for patients with pain, and we also have complementary techniques such as a Weight Loss Plan, Therapeutic Physical Activity Plan in Water, and treatments in cabins such as mud baths and relaxing massages, as well as treatment with our TO team. All these programs are carried out by our transdisciplinary team.

At the end of the consultation, we are working to provide you with written documentation summarizing the recommendations of Balneario de Cofrentes so that you can enjoy healthy longevity and the treatment plan according to your needs.

Recommended Documentation to Bring to Medical Appointment

Before attending a medical consultation in a spa, it is recommended to bring certain studies and documents that can provide the doctor with a complete understanding of your medical history and current health conditions. The studies and documents that could be useful are:

Complete Medical History: This includes information about previous surgeries, chronic illnesses, allergies, previous medical treatments, and any other relevant information.

Recent Medical Test Results: If you have had recent medical tests, such as blood tests, kidney or liver function tests, glucose tests, lipid profiles, or others, bring the results with you.

List of Medications: Write down all the medications you are taking, including generic and brand names, dosages, and frequency. This is important to avoid drug interactions or to adjust thermal treatments according to your medication.

Imaging Studies: If you have X-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasounds, or other relevant imaging studies for your condition, it would be useful to bring the reports of these studies.

Our doctors and specialists will advise you in a personalized and comprehensive way.

We are looking forward to welcoming you with open arms!