Water healing in drink/ Hydroponic Healing

Water healing in drink/ Hydroponic Healing

Water healing in drink/ Hydroponic Healing

Water healing in drink/ Hydroponic Healing


The tradition of drinking water for healing purposes at the Hervideros de Cofrentes Spa with its mixed bicarbonate, sulphated magnesium, carbonated, and ferruginous waters has a long history, but medical advances are providing us with new therapeutic possibilities for our waters.

Currently, we use two waters with very different compositions for therapeutic purposes: - mixed bicarbonate, sulphated magnesium, carbonated, and ferruginous water, and - very low mineralization calcium-bicarbonate water.

Hydropinic treatment

About water treatment by drinking or hydropinic treatment with mixed bicarbonate, sulphated magnesium, carbonated, and ferruginous water. I want to differentiate between traditional use and new uses of the water, which I will discuss later.

Traditional use

The ingestion of this water develops different types of actions, among which I want to highlight: osmotic saline purgative action. More information on osmotic saline laxatives can be found on Wikipedia: osmotic saline laxatives. choleretic action (which facilitates the expulsion of bile retained in the gallbladder) and hydrocholagogue action (which stimulates the production of bile with low-density or with a minimum proportion of solid components) hepatoprotective action (which improves the functionality of the liver cell, allowing it to block some hepatotoxic agents) antisecretory and neutralizing action on acidity (if gas is removed) gastric secretion excitatory action (if taken with gas) diuretic action (which facilitates or increases urine secretion) normalizing action on sideremia (iron content in the blood). Therefore, its traditional therapeutic indications are, and I emphasize the most important ones in bold, in diseases of the stomach, hyposecretory gastritis and hyperchlorhydrias as a function of whether it is taken with or without gas, of the intestines, constipation of the liver, toxic, alcoholic and drug-induced hepatitis, mild liver insufficiencies of the gallbladder, biliary origin dyspepsias, post-cholecystectomy syndrome, iron-deficiency anemias, and convalescence.

The existence of some contraindications makes it essential that the water is prescribed by the spa doctor, so its use is not free. The posology or administration technique is usually: Dosage between 250 and 1000 ml per intake, 1 to 3 intakes per day. In hepatobiliary pathology and constipation, it is taken on an empty stomach. The posology must be adapted to the individual response, progressively increasing the amount of water to be drunk and reaching the maximum amount of water that does not provoke diarrhea.

Drinking water treatment with our very low mineralization calcium-bicarbonate water

About drinking water treatment or drinking water treatment with our very low mineralization calcium-bicarbonate water. The main effect of ingesting this water is its diuretic effect. The main traditional therapeutic indications are: Kidney stones, existence of sand or small stones in the kidney. Since it is a drag diuresis, it can be used indistinctly in any composition of sand or small stones. The posology of the drag diuresis treatment begins by taking 1000 ml on an empty stomach, and the dose can be increased according to medical criteria. About new uses of water drinking treatment or hydropinic treatment at the Cofrentes Spa. In all people, but especially in the elderly, special attention must be paid to promoting two aspects that are of great importance for their health. 

Achieving the healthiest hydration

When we get older, there is evidence that the thirst center does not function correctly, which means that we have less desire to drink water than our body needs, i.e., we cannot drink according to our thirst but knowing that our body's needs are as follows:

  • In men, it is necessary to drink 2 to 2.5 litres per day.

  • In women, it is necessary to drink 1.5 to 2 litres per day.

This amount must be drunk between and during meals throughout the day. Our calcium-bicarbonate water, due to its low salt content, is ideal for carrying out this daily hydration process.  

Promotes cleansing processes.

Since they eliminate free radicals and other waste substances (urea, creatinine...) formed as a result of the body's own activity or from external contamination. Free radicals are produced in our bodies as a result of respiration in the presence of oxygen and cause negative effects on health throughout life due to their ability to alter DNA (genes), proteins, and lipids or fats. With age, free radicals can produce genetic alteration on certain cells, thus increasing the risk of developing cancer, and reduce the functionality of others, which are characteristics of aging.

  • Cleaning processes: to purify the body, we must help it carry out its own cleaning processes by increasing urine production through adequate liquid intake. This is achieved with our calcium-bicarbonate water with the aforementioned hydration.

  • Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables: It is also facilitated by taking juices, broths, infusions, etc., and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Favouring liver function. This is achieved with our mixed bicarbonate and magnesium sulphated water. 


We must increase our intake of dietary fiber. For all these reasons, and even in the absence of illness that would recommend an already traditionally carried out hydropinic therapy, it is advisable to take advantage of the thermal treatment for a drinking water cure: Hydrating and diuretic with our very low mineralization calcium-bicarbonate water.