The god Cronus in favor of Well-being

The god Cronus in favor of Well-being

The god Cronus in favor of Well-being

The god Cronus in favor of Well-being


It is said that thanks to the union between Cronos (god of time) and Ananké (goddess of inevitability), the primordial egg was separated into three parts: earth, sea, and sky, resulting in the creation of the universe in an orderly manner. Hence, this eternal union represents the forces of destiny and time.

In this blog, we will give you information on how to defy these gods, manage time, and delay the inevitable. Taking care of your health and balneotherapy can help enhance natural protection and regeneration processes in the body.


One of the spheres that make up integral well-being is Chrono-Medicine, which is closely related to our ability to recover during sleep and knowing that we have an internal clock or circadian rhythms. This may seem useless and boring, but when knowledge allows us to accelerate cellular renewal processes and delay aging, it gives us the power sought by humanity, to manage time.

How circadian rhythm works

To understand what it is based on, we must talk about the circadian rhythm, of this internal clock that is controlled, in particular, by two hormones, cortisol and melatonin.

  • Cortisol: is activated before waking up and keeps our body alert and active. During the day, skin cells are focused on defending and protecting themselves from UV rays and external aggressions such as pollution.

  • Melatonin: begins to regulate our body from 6 pm when sunlight begins to descend, and our body begins to slow down, focusing on recovering and reconstituting.

Light is one of the factors that affect our "internal clock" the most. Other factors include physical exercise, social components like work schedules or confinement processes like the ones we are experiencing. This is why it is so important that we expose ourselves to natural light during the day and maintain a routine of physical exercise. Even better if we maintain orderly routines of waking up and going to bed, respecting our natural rhythms.

In addition to the sleep-wake state, our "clock" controls sugar levels, body temperature, hormonal levels, immune system activity, and skin regeneration processes.

How seasonal rhythms work

Another relevant aspect in Chrono-Medicine involves considering seasonal patterns. Exposure to different levels of sunlight throughout the year can have an impact on the production of melatonin and serotonin in the body, which, in turn, can affect emotional state and mental health.

In addition, some illnesses, such as seasonal flu, show seasonal trends in their incidence, which has prompted research into how seasonal changes can influence the body's immune response.

Chrono-Medicine and aging in health

Chrono-Medicine also concerns itself with the effects of aging on health. As we age, our biological rhythms can undergo modifications, which can affect sleep quality, cognitive function, and predisposition to chronic diseases. Understanding how aging develops from a chrono-medical perspective is essential for designing effective prevention and treatment strategies for age-related diseases.

In summary, Chrono-Medicine is an exciting and constantly evolving field of medicine that focuses on how biological rhythms and time influence our health. Through a greater understanding of these processes, medical professionals and scientists can develop more precise and tailored approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions, ultimately improving the quality of life of individuals.


With all this knowledge, we come to the conclusion that it is good to watch the clock when it comes to our medium and long-term health.

In this day and age, where time has taken on its own rhythm, we give you this knowledge so that you can use the power of Cronos to your advantage and let the rhythms of nature be natural in you.