Cofrentes Springs

Cofrentes Springs

Cofrentes Springs

Cofrentes Springs

Manantial Hervideros de Cofrentes
Manantial Hervideros de Cofrentes

Manantial de Hervideros

Declared of Public Utility by Royal Decree of November 15, 1902.
Mixed bicarbonated, sulphated, magnesian, carbonated and ferruginous.

Suggested temperature between 17 and 18°C.
Dry Residue: 6.7g/l.
Used in the form of hydroponic cure.


Hepatic, biliary (dyspepsia), and constipation pathologies.


History of gastrointestinal bleeding, gastric or duodenal ulcers, symptomatic hiatal hernias.
The cure can be taken with or without gas.
A medical prescription is necessary to perform the hydroponic cure.
The realization of carbo-gaseous baths is being studied in the future (for the treatment of peripheral circulatory conditions)

Manantial del Pilon

Declared of Public Utility in 1999.
Calcic bicarbonate.

Suggested temperature between 18 and 19°C.
Dry Residue: 0.25g/l.
Oligometallic, diuretic water.

Used in the form of hydroponic cure and in hydrotherapy.

Indications of the hydroponic cure

Kidney stones

Contraindications of the hydroponic cure

Used for the realization of aerosols


Those of hyperthermal hydrotherapy (osteoarthritis, arthritis, sequelae of stroke, hemiplegia, rehabilitation...)


Those of hyperthermal hydrotherapy (open wounds, decompensated heart disease, intense varicose veins...)

Manantial de Fuentemina

Declared of Public Utility by Royal Order of November 18, 1929.
Magnesian sulphated with 3g of dry residue.
Currently in reserve, not used.

Manantial de las Salinas de San Javier

Sodium chloride.
Hypermineralized waters.
Dry residue 220g/l.

Currently in the process of canalization.


In the future, otorhinolaryngological, respiratory and dermatological treatments will be carried out (psoriasis, eczematous dermatitis).

Manantial de Granera

Used in the health network of the hotel complex and small houses.
0.3g of dry residue.

Oligometallic, calcic bicarbonate, diuretic, chlorinated water that meets the sanitary standards to supply the tourist complex.