What is thermal medicine at the Cofrentes spa?

What is thermal medicine at the Cofrentes spa?

What is thermal medicine at the Cofrentes spa?

What is thermal medicine at the Cofrentes spa?

Medicina Termal
Medicina Termal

Thermal Medicine generally incorporates two types of activities:

  • Medical Treatments: to relieve pain, mainly rheumatic.

  • Health Education: to learn to live longer and better, taking advantage of the extended stay in a health center with health specialists.

At the Cofrentes Spa our Thermal Medicine incorporates a third,

  • Healthy Activities, which can be done during the Thermal Cure at the spa and which we have included in the Healthy Leisure and Free Time Program.


Thermal Medicine 2023 at the Cofrentes Spa

Our proposal for Thermal Cure in 2023 is based on the following axes, which will be developed in independent posts:

Medical Treatments

The Medical Treatments that we offer during 2023 are divided into two groups:
The treatments that are part of the 2023 Thermal Cure, which is based on:

  • Hydrology and Hydrotherapy Treatments:

    • External Balneotherapy: through the direct use of water applications on the skin.

    • Respiratory Balneotherapy: through the use of the vapors of our waters.

    • Hydropinic Cure: through direct ingestion, that is, the cure of drinking water.

  • Thermal Physiotherapy Treatments:

    • Rehabilitation in gym.

    • Electrotherapy.

    • Thermotherapy.

  •  Complementary Medicine Treatments:

    • Regenerative Medicine with stem cells.

    • Analysis of the intestinal microbiome.

    • Diagnostic tests

Special Programs

Special Programs are complementary and do not have hydrothermal techniques, but they establish synergies with the medical specialty of the spa.

  • Cardiovascular Risk Prevention Program.

  • Healthy Eating Program.

Health Education

Our Health Education program includes a series of Medical Conferences given by the medical and professional team of the spa.

  • Three conferences of general information:

    • What should you know about the waters and treatments at the Cofrentes Spa?: This conference is held on arrival as an introduction to the Thermal Cure.

    • What should you know about Longevity to get more life out of your years?

    • What should you do once the Thermal Cure is finished to improve the results?

  • Health and Quality of Life Course on the 5 Basic Pillars of Satisfactory Aging:

    • Pillar 1: Food/Nutrition/Hydration.

    • Pillar 2: Breathing.

    • Pillar 3: Physical Activity/Healthy Exercise.

    • Pillar 4: Rest/Sleep/Relaxation.

    • Pillar 5: Psychophysical Balance/Emotional Health.


Cofrentes Spa

During free time, there is the possibility and it is necessary to attend the Healthy Leisure and Free Time Program, where several activities related to the Pillars of Satisfactory Aging are carried out.

With this proposal of Thermal Medicine, at the Cofrentes Spa we have many means to treat the pain symptoms caused by degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, generically known as rheumatic diseases and specifically in our case linked to the existence of osteoarthritis in the joints. In addition, during the Thermal Cure, we take advantage of teaching you the keys to a healthy lifestyle, that is, what we should do to increase our longevity with good quality of life and without dependence.

All of this with the goal of achieving a longer and better life.