Skin and Longevity

Skin and Longevity

Skin and Longevity

Skin and Longevity

Well-being and longevity
Well-being and longevity

The skin is an organ directly connected to the interior of our body thanks to all its nerve endings, which capture, process, and transmit a large amount of stimuli.

The imbalance of the skin

When we have a problem in this extensive organ, it usually indicates an imbalance in one of the spheres that make up the integral well-being of our body. As we get to know ourselves, we create a much broader vision of the problems that are reflected in our skin.

And in this broader view of ourselves, we approach a concept that is inherent in our pursuit of constant balance: integral well-being. This becomes a philosophy of life where we discover that internal care is reflected in our exterior.

Integral Well-being

Integral Well-being is a state of inner and outer harmony that generates a feeling of tranquility, a capacity and disposition to face the circumstances of life and perform the various tasks that it demands. It is a healthy balance of the mind, body, spirit, and the environment that surrounds us.

Integral well-being is achieved with an integrative work of different areas. It is not limited to just putting on a cream. Our thermal dermo-cosmetic products are unique and excellent, but they do not work miracles. We have learned that the miracle is done by each person working on themselves to achieve the balance that allows us to live a full life.

The skin and the nervous system

We know that the skin and the nervous system have the same embryological origin and share neuromodulators that transport internal information. That is why emotions are also expressed in the skin due to this common origin. A state of stress causes the skin to turn red, heat up, as when we feel shame or anger. When afraid, the skin turns pale. When happy and joyful, the skin is radiant.

"If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the skin is the reflection of our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being."

The spheres of integral well-being

The spheres that make up integral well-being are well studied: nutrition, spirituality, our ability to relate to others, movement, the ecosystem that surrounds us, our ability to resilience and crono-medicine, totally related to our ability to recover during sleep.

We will develop each of these spheres in various publications on this blog throughout the year. We know that, based on scientific evidence, your preferences, and our experience in the world of longevity and thermal medicine, we will guide you so that your skin reflects your integral well-being.

The skin and contact

In times of virtuality, where we give kisses or hugs through screens, we need caresses to live fully. Contact and touch are essential for our survival because the skin reflects our cellular memory and our entire physical and emotional life. That is why we invite you that every moisturization of your skin be a caress in a state of full consciousness, so that in some way your skin feels the nature of volcanic water and its minerals as a message from the outside to the inside of your mind in a message of connection with nature.


Well-being is the balance between the exterior and the interior, which is why the process can go in reverse. Skin problems that compromise self-image can end up producing sadness or depression.

Integral well-being is a daily work, taking into account its nature and caring for it from the perspective of integral well-being, you will achieve beautiful skin that accompanies you in your healthy longevity process.

All this and more in our Longevity School.